100 km 5 person team (military, blue light organization and civil)


Important information for all runners in relay and couples

  • A 5 person team for relay race consists of at least 4 different runners
  • Participants of the military 5 person team may also wear sports clothing
  • At the counter for the bib numbers relay runners will receive 5 bib numbers and couple runners will get 2 bib numbers. You must wear those bib numbers on your back (in order that other runners are able to recognize that this is a relay or a couple runner)
  • Furthermore you will receive one bib number (two numbers for troops) which will be fixed on a special belt for relay runners which will include the disposable chip for chronometry. This bib number will have to be passed to the next runner of the team at the transition zone and will have to be worn on your chest oder belly. The runners will only be classified when the bib number with the chip for chronometry will arrive at the finish line.
  • At the finish line in Biel the belt with the chip will be collected from our staff.
  • In case you quit the race, please handle the bib with the intgrated chip on the next transistion zone or at the finish line in Biel over to a staff member.
  • If one runner has to give up the race the team will be disqualified


Same as 100 km route

Kilometer division

16,9 km / 21,1 km / 18,1 km / 20,6 km / 23,3 km


Men, Women or Mixed (men and women; must contain at least 2 women/Military (banded or formally banded soldiers, all nationalities)/ emergency services (e.g. police, fire-brigade, civil protection, ambulance)

Change zones

Aarberg 16,9 km / Oberramsern 38 km / Kirchberg 56,1 km / Bibern 76,7 km /


Every team member must wear a start number. In the transition zones the next athlete will receive a control stamp on their start number. Each team will receive one Data-Chip which needs to be handed over to the next participant at each change zone. All participants will have a special number on their backs to distinguish them from participants of the other races.

Escort Vehicles

Head towards Oberramsern-Ost. From Aarberg/Lyss, take the highway Schönbühl (direction Solothurn/Zürich), exit Kirchberg, Utzenstorf, Bätterkinden, Kyburg or Limpach Brittern, Unter/Oberramsern.

To return to Kirchberg: Bätterkinden-Utzenstorf or Fraubrunnen-Aefligen or Oberramern West to Kirchberg via Messen, Wengi, Lätti, highway Schönbühl (direction Solothurn/Zürich), exit Kirchberg.

Registration Fee

Registration is only possible online

Until 31.12.2018, 24:00 h: CHF 260.-

From 1.1.2019: CHF 290.-

From 1.4.2019 until 5.6.2019, 24.00 h: CHF 330.-

We highly recommend to take out a cancellation insurance when registering online.

Late registration
online from 6.6.2019 until 2 hours before the start: CHF 360.-
on site 6.6./7.6.2019 until 2 hours before the start: CHF 360.-

There is no registration fee for Swiss army members, registration online.
For army participants from abroad: registration via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. CHF 290.- (to pay only on location

Payment outside of Switzerland

Registration online

Bag drop

Friday 7.06.2019 17:00–21:30 Gym Esplanade

Deposit of valuables

Gym Esplanade Friday 7.6.2019 17:00 until Saturday 8.6.2019 19:00


Shuttle bus

Late registration

Possible at the Kongresshaus until 21.00

Start number collection

Thursday from 18.30 to 20.30

Friday from 16.00 until 1 hour before the race begins

Start time

Friday at 23.00

Presentation Ceremony

Civil Saturday, 08:00 in the main tent

Military Saturday 09.30 in the main tent

Finish line closing time

Saturday, 19.00 in Biel, Kongresshaus


Running days t-shirt, distribution at the start number collection

Medal: Distribution at the finish line

Changing rooms and showers

Biel: Gym Esplanade near the Kongresshaus
Aarberg: AARfithalle
Kirchberg: Saalbau