International 100 km military troops / blue light organizations


The complete troop must finish the race. If there is a participant who does not finish, the remaining persons in the patrol will be listed  with the finisher time without ranking amongst the military participants. Participants in the military category may wear their choice of sports clothing.

Additional awards for the Military Patrol Competition: The patrols finishing in places 1-3 will receive a special prize from the Officers Association in Seeland.

Participants from Switzerland are not required to pay a registration fee in order to participate. No pre-payment will be accepted for Military category participants from abroad, Registration only via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Troops will only be considered so, when both participants cross the race controls and finish line within 2 minutes of each other. Troops are also medal eligible for the SM-100km-race. The last eligible time to cross the finish line is the same as for the 100 km race (Saturday, 19.00).


The route is the same as the 100 km route.


There is no registration fee for Swiss army members.

Registration until 27.5.2019 online. From 6.6.2019, 24:00 h the online registration is closed.

For participants from abroad please register via email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until 27.5.2019/ 24.00h.

CHF 140.- per person (to pay only on location) at the Kongresscenter

Bag drop

Friday 7.6.2019, 17.00–21.30 Gym Esplanade

Deposit of valuables

Gym Esplanade Friday 7.6.2019 17:00 until Saturday 8.6.2019 19:00.

Late registration

Possible until 2 hrs before departure, until 20:00

Start number collection

Thursday from 18.30 to 20.30

Friday from 17.00 until 1 hour before the race begins

Start time

Friday at 22.00

Presentation Ceremony

Civil: Saturday, 08:00 in the main tent

Military: Saturday, 09:30 in the main tent

Finish line closing time

Saturday, 19.00 in Biel, Kongresshaus


Finisher t-shirt or running days t-shirt (in case of abandonment)

Distribution in the Gym Esplanade.

Medal: Distribution at the finish line

Changing rooms and showers

Gym Esplanade near the Kongresshaus

Transportation during the Race

Should any of the participants not be able to complete the race, there is a free shuttle back to Biel from the following check-points: Oberramsern (km 38), Kirchberg (km 56.1), and Bibern (km 76.7). The time of the completed race section will be posted on a separate rankings list.

Check-point Closing Times: Oberramsern 06:00; Kirchberg 09:45; Bibern 14:00; Büren 16:15; Safnern 17:00;

Brügg 18:00.

Escort Vehicles

The transit zones Aarberg, Oberramsern, Kirchberg and Bibern should be avoided. Suitable alternatives are the following: Kappelen, Ammerzwil, Jegenstorf, Kernenried, Aefligen, Bätterkinden, Lohn, Arch, Büren, Safnern Fussballplatz, Brügg.