Thursday, 6.6.2019
14:30   Kongresshaus   Start number collection Kids Run, late registration Kids Run
16:00   Tent   Opening of the restaurant
16:00–21:00   Esplanade   Hall Esplanade open
17:00–20:05   Tent   Kids Run with ceremony at 18:30 and 20:15 in the Tent
18:00-22:00   Tent   Pasta-Party
18:30-20:30   Kongresshaus   Start number collection, late registration
 Friday, 7.6.2019
17:00–Sa 20:00 Hall Esplanade open
17:00–22:00   Kongresshaus   Start number collection, late registration
21:03   Kongresshaus   Start night experience run Biel-Aarberg 13,5 km
21:15   Kongresshaus   Ceremony jubilees 20-/30-/40-participation
22:00   Kongresshaus   Start 100 km run, int. 100 km mil staff run, staff run public services, 100 km partner run
22:00   Kongresshaus   Start night marathon Biel–Kirchberg 56 km
22:30   Kongresshaus   Start night halfmarathon 21.1 km
23:00   Kongresshaus   Start 100 km 5 persons teams (civil, military and public services)
 Saturday, 8.6.2019
00:15   Aarberg   Ceremony half marathon
04:00   Kirchberg   Ceremony night marathon
08:00   Tent   Ceremony categories: 100 km teams men; 100 km teams mixed; 100 km teams women; 100 km couples men; 100 km couples mixed; 100 km couples women; 100 km overall men; 100 km overall women; 100 km; Swiss championship with Swiss Athletics; categories: M35; M40; M45; M50; W45
09:30   Tent   Ceremony military
10:45   Tent   Categories: M55; M60; M65; M20; W30; W35; W40; W50; W55; W60
15:45   Tent   Ceremony categories: M30; M70; M75; M80; MJ; WJ; W20; W65; W70; W75; W80
19:00   Kongresshaus   Finish line closing

* The Vigier Prime is to distinct the fastest local runners. The area ment by "local" is defined here:

Opening hours tent:
Thursday 16:00–22:00
Friday 16:00 nonstop through saturday 19:00