On the 100km course, various clubs and private individuals will offer catering for all spectators of the Bieler Lauftage. You can find a listing with all offers here.

Biel Central Square:

The Bien Bar serves you with cool drinks on the central square. The best place in downtown to accompany the runners and runners with a drink into the night of nights.

Büren an der Aare:

The legendary Rösti in Büren will be prepared again this year for the numerous spectators and spectators. The Rotary Club will provide a small catering service in Büren in front of the Il Grano restaurant, as it does every year. From Friday, 10 June 00:00 until Saturday, June 11, 11:00 a.m. you can get your Rösti and at the same time cheer on the runners on their long way.


At the transition area in Bibern, the shooting society Bibern offers rösti and fried eggs for all spectators. As always in the old shed by the transition area you can have breakfast and meet the runners & runners running from the night into the morning.


At the transition area in Kirchberg you can enjoy hot soup, sausages and drinks from Friday evening 22.00 to Saturday morning 10.00. The friends of FC Kirchberg are already waiting for you!


The Dorfleist Mülchi offers in Mülchi something from the grill with homemade Hörnlisalat and a small beverage offer. In addition, there will be various interludes by the Guggenmusik “Ghüderhüffeli Mülchi”.