Biel-Taubertal Challenge

The Biel-Taubertal Challenge is a cooperation between the Biel Running Days 100km and the Taubertal 100 ultra-marathons.

In order to participate, you must complete both runs in the same year (the order of which is not important). The finishing times for both runs will be combined, and this total will be used to define the rankings. The only qualification besides finishing both races is that the Taubertal 100km race must be completed in 15 hours or less.

The registration fee to compete in the challenge is CHF 25 and is to be paid at the start of the second race. You also have the option of ordering a Biel-Taubertal Challenge shirt upon registration.

taubertal shirts

The award ceremony will take place after the second race (in the spring in Biel,and in the fall in Taubertal). The top 3 finishers will receive a trophy, but all participants who finish will receive a t-shirt and a medal.

Further information about the Taubertal 100 Ultra-marathon can be found here: