10 KM run / 10 KM enjoyment & walking | 09.06.2023

Do you go at speed or take it easy?
Our 10 KM run is for young, old, beginner runner or professional. The result may but need not play a role. You can try to run your best performance on 10 KM, or tackle the course together as a leisurely evening lap in a competitive atmosphere.

The 10 KM post-run is also possible as a walking course. Since this course is a new running format, the definitive course plan is not yet in place.

Friday (09.06.2023) Registration period Price in CHF*
10 KM run01.10 – 31.12.2022
01.01 – 02.06.2023
03.06 – 09.06.2023
*Incl. SBB Runners ticket
(subject to change)

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Streckenplan 2023