Pair skating (100 KM) | 09.06.2023

Split the 100 KM with your partner, friend, work colleague or running buddy. Go together the 100 KM and contest the night of the nights.

The start and finish area will again be at the Tissot Arena. From there on, the route goes through the city center before finding its way to the original route. In Büren an der Aare the path leads over the well-known and beautiful old wooden bridge. The last part of the route will even run over the “old” original route again from Büren. The transition zone for the pair run is in Kirchberg (approx. 56 KM) from there the second runner takes over the final part to the finish. No round-trip transportation will be provided for runners in the pairs race. The runners of the pairs race have to organize their own transport.

Friday (09.06.2023) Registration period Price in CHF*
Pairs (100 KM)01.10 – 31.12.2022
01.01 – 02.06.2023
03.06 – 07.06.2023
*Incl. SBB Runners ticket
(subject to change)

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