Coop Kids Run | Thursday, 08.06.2023

With the Coop Kids Run, the Bieler Lauftage will open with a first highlight. Supporting youth is very close to our hearts as an organization and that’s why we’re really looking forward to the Coop Kids Run on Thursday afternoon. The Coop Kids Run will take place again this year at the Tissot Arena in Biel.

Start times Coop Kids Run:

CategoryStart time
200m (born 2018, 2019 and younger)16:15
400m (born 2016, 2017)16:45
500m (Yrs. 2014, 2015)17:15
1000m (born 2012, 2013)17:45
1500m (age group 2010, 2011)18:15
2000m (age group 2008, 2009)18:45

You can register now here:

Depending on your age, you can register for the following categories:

Boy Yr 2019 + younger200m
Boy Jg 2018200m
Boy Jg 2017400m
Boy Jg 2016400m
Boy Jg 2015500m
Boy Jg 2014500m
Boy Jg 2012 + 20131000m
Boy Jg 2010 + 20111500m
Boy Jg 2008 + 20092000m
Girls Yr 2019 + younger200m
Girls Yr 2018200m
Girls Yr 2017400m
Girls Yr 2016400m
Girls Yr 2015500m
Girls Yr 2014500m
Girls Yr 2012 + 20131000m
Girls Yr 2010 + 20111500m
Girls Yr 2008 + 20192000m