Behind the organization of the Bieler Lauftage are countless volunteers who work all year on this event to give runners an unforgettable night of nights. The planning, conception and realization are worked out by a core team consisting of the 4-member board and the whole OC. The team is looking forward to tackle the next staging.

Board of Directors

Cyprien Louis


Patrick Hofstetter

Member of the Board

Florence Pillet

Member of the Board

Flavio Da Silva Sousa


OC members

Beat Junker

OK Chief

Christoph Nützi

Paramedic & Security

Anicia Jeannerat


Patrick Demierre

Military division

Lea Riesen

Run organization

Nicole De Donatis


Lukas Hohl

Sponsoring & Management

Marcel Sallin

Finance & Management

Jürg Haueter

Military division

Denise Jordi