Military categories (100 KM) | 09.06.2023

The Bieler Lauftage (100 KM Biel-Bienne) is unimaginable without the military. The military has been part of the Bieler Lauftage since time immemorial and may not be missing this year. Swiss military personnel have been running in our race for years, including in 2023.

In the 100 KM military patrol, two participants complete the entire 100 KM together (maximum time interval allowed: 2 min). This category is considered the real supreme discipline. It requires the highest endurance and stamina and is a real challenge to the body and mind. This is rewarded not only by the medal and other prizes depending on the rank, but also by high honor and recognition. This is awarded to every runner who completes the 100 KM. Not to forget the excellent feeling of having overcome and achieved something as a team, which not everyone can do. The 100 KM military patrol can also be completed as a “march”.

The 100 KM Five Military Relay is the most popular military category of the Biel Hundred. In this category, five male or female runners divide the 100 KM according to the specifications, so that each runner has to run 20 KM. This discipline also demands a lot from the participants, offers a great team experience and makes it possible to participate in the Night of Nights without having to cover 100 KM in one piece.

Runners in the military category are obliged to keep a military tenue. Tenue B/C light (without camouflage jacket) is permitted, as well as the wearing of running shoes (analogous to gun running). Civil-military mixed tenues or modified military clothing (shortened pants, clothing not registered in the service booklet, etc.) are not permitted. Members of foreign armed forces are guided by their respective service regulations.

Participation in the Biel 100 KM is entered in the military performance record (MLA). To do so, hand in your MLA at the information desk in the competition area. Successful participation in the 100 KM Military Patrol counts toward earning the Military Sports Competition Award (Military Sports Level 3).

Friday (09.06.2023) Registration period Price in CHF*
Military patrol01.10 – 03.06.2022
03.06 – 09.06.2023
Military relay01.10 – 03.06.2022
03.06 – 09.06.2023
*Incl. SBB Runners ticket
(subject to change)

**Note that we now charge a late registration fee of CHF 20.00 if you register during the competition week or on site. Register early to save the fee and make it easier for us to plan. By the way, the best time is before 26.05.2023, then you will receive the start numbers with your personalized name sent home.

Take the opportunity and register yourself and your comrades.

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