The Swiss 100 km Championships 2024 will take place during the Biel/Bienne Running Days (BLT) and will be organized on behalf of Swiss Athletics in accordance with WO 2024, IWR and the competition regulations of the Biel/Bienne Running Days. The official communication medium is the organizer’s website, see The complete announcement (100 km BLT and Swiss 100 km Championships) and general information will be available there.

Start authorization
According to the protective provisions of WO 1.5.a, runners in the U20 category and older (born 2006 and older) are eligible to participate. Participation is license-free. All entrants over the 100 km distance who are eligible for titles and medals are automatically Swiss Championship participants.

Overall women and men open from age group 2006
In these categories separate rankings of the Swiss Championship will be established and titles and medals will be awarded.

Registration/ Registration deadline/ Late registration/ Entry fees
The registration conditions of the organizer apply. It is mandatory to state your nationality when registering. For details see

Title and medal eligibility
All runners with Swiss or Liechtenstein nationality are eligible for titles and medals. Proof of citizenship must be provided by the participants upon request by Swiss Athletics or its representative (referee or NTO).

Championship titles and other awards will only be presented if at least 3 athletes in each category finish the race properly.

Award / Award Ceremony
Championship award according to WO. There will be an awards ceremony for the first three athletes eligible for medals. Time: according to the information provided by BLT. The award ceremony is considered part of the competition.

Shoe regulation
The new World Athletics Shoe Regulations must be followed (regulation according to Book of Rules C2.1A Athletics Shoe Regulations). The soles of the shoes must not be thicker than 40mm. A shoe check is possible under the following link:
By entering the shoe model, you can find out which disciplines it is approved for.

Doping controls
Doping controls may be carried out at the championships. The provisions of Swiss Sport Integrity( apply exclusively.

Further information
See the organizer’s information and instructions.