General and competition rules

  • General provisions
  • Competition rules
  • Safety instructions
  • Privacy
  • Regulation premiums

General provisions

  • Minimum age for participation in the 100km race: 18 years; minimum age for Swiss Championship 100km: 18 years.
  • Registration takes place online via
  • There will be no separate registration confirmation for registered participants (see continuously updated start list on
  • In case of cancellation of the runner, the registration fees will not be refunded. Carryover to a subsequent year is not possible
  • In case of cancellation due to force majeure (e.g. Covid-19), registered runners may donate their entry fee or request a refund of 60% of the cost. Carrying over the entry fee to a following year is not possible
  • We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance via Datasport online registration.
  • Changes are only possible by mail to the office( for a fee depending on the category. The possible new runner has to show a written confirmation of the already registered runner.
  • The start numbers (incl. coach numbers) will be sent by Datasport. Participants who live abroad or who register after the end of May must pick up their race number on site.
  • The start and ranking lists appear on
  • By registering, participants agree that their submitted address data may be passed on to the sponsors, the official photographers of the Bieler Lauftage, other running organizers, Swiss Running and to Swiss Athletics. It should be noted that the data may also be disclosed to additional third parties through the dissemination of the rankings.
  • By registering, runners of the Bieler Lauftage agree that film recordings, photos and interviews may be taken during the event without any claim to remuneration.
  • The organizer disclaims any liability for personal injury or property damage. The conclusion of insurances (illness, accident, liability) is the responsibility of the participants. By registering, participants confirm that they have the necessary insurance coverage and training preparations.
  • The organizer reserves the right to make changes or cancel the event due to force majeure or due to official requirements.
  • The policy recommendations for data protection are valid. These can be found at
  • The prizes will be given only at the award ceremony and will not be sent. No transfer to third parties.
  • Lost and found items will be kept until 1 month after the run and, if available, can be found at can be requested. Any shipping costs are the responsibility of the owner.
  • Objections regarding rankings and results can be sent up to a maximum of 2 weeks after the race to be submitted. All objections and comments received later will not be considered.

Competition rules

By registering, participants declare to accept the General Regulations and the Competition Rules and undertake to comply with them strictly.

  • Timing is done with disposable transponder attached to the race number.
  • The medal will be given after the run-in to the finish line.
  • The certificate can be downloaded and printed on itself.
  • The run must be completed on the route marked by the organizer. The use of external means (bicycles, cars, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Complaints and objections against disqualifications must be submitted in writing to the Arbitration Committee of the Bieler Lauftage within 2 hours after the disqualification has been decided. The arbitration court shall make the final decision, any further legal recourse is excluded.
  • Only runners who have all control times and control stamps can be classified. Participants without disposable transponders will not be classified.
  • Only well-prepared runners are up to the challenges of the Bieler Lauftage. Participants take part in the Bieler Lauftage at their own risk and responsibility. The organizer assumes no liability in case of accidents, consequential damages or illnesses. Participants are advised to prepare thoroughly and for a long time for the competition. The organizer has the right to temporarily or completely withdraw runners from the race for health reasons or to refuse them the start. The race organizer, the race doctor or the OC are authorized to make decisions.
  • Participants who arrive after the closing times of the marshals will be taken out of the race, i.e. their disposable transponder and start number will be taken away from them.
  • The current doping statute of Swiss Olympic applies to this competition. Doping controls may be performed. By participating, athletes submit to the anti-doping rules of Swiss Olympic and acknowledge the exclusive jurisdiction of the Disciplinary Commission for Doping Cases of Swiss Olympic as well as the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport in Lausanne to the exclusion of the ordinary courts (see also
  • Regulations and admission conditions for the Swiss Championship 100 km under “General competition regulations Swiss Championship 100 km”.
  • The Court of Arbitration is appointed by the OC Bieler Lauftage and works independently.
  • Any complaints can be filed at the information booth.67


Safety instructions

  • The OC of the Bieler Lauftage strives to ensure an optimum of safety on the running courses through extensive route guidance and course safety measures.
  • However, it is not possible to keep a loop of 100 kilometers completely free of traffic for hours.
  • Participants therefore also behave in a self-responsible and considerate manner towards other participants, pedestrians and other road users.
  • In particular, they also adhere to the following principles:
    • “Safety through visibility;
    • wearing reflective clothing and carrying a headlamp or other suitable lighting is strongly recommended (the route is not continuously illuminated)
    • The run must be completed on the specified and signposted route
    • The instructions of the marshals are to be followed bindingly
    • Crossings of main axes usually take place on pedestrian crossings
    • From Kappelen, if available, the sidewalks are to be used
  • Addition for the companion bikes:
    • On sections of the route that are not completely closed off, the legal requirements regarding equipment and behavior always apply.

Privacy Policy of the Swiss Runners Association

  • The club members of Swiss Runners undertake to comply with the following data protection principles when organizing and conducting running events.
  1. Commitment to the protection of personal data
    The protection of our runners’ personal data is important to us. A breach of data protection can lead to a loss of confidence on the part of runners and the public and jeopardize the holding of running events.
  2. Data economy
    We always process only as much data as is absolutely necessary for the intended purpose.
    For the registration and execution of the running event, only the surname, first name, year of birth and address are required from the runners as mandatory information, as well as the e-mail address for online registration.
    Further data is only collected on a voluntary basis and only if it is necessary for the provision of a further service.
    In ranking lists only the name, first name, year of birth, place of residence, category and running time will be published. A publication of the complete address does not take place. The publication of the ranking lists on the Internet shall only take place on the website of the organizer and on the website of Datasport.
    We delete or archive data that is no longer required.
  3. Transparent information
    We can assume that the runners automatically consent to all data processing directly related to the organization and implementation of the running event, such as the delivery of the race number and information about the running event, with the registration.
    We inform the runners about all data processing not directly related to the organization and implementation of the running event, as well as about their purposes, when they register and on the website.
    This includes, among other things, the publication of the data including running time and start number on the Internet and in the print media as well as the transfer of the data to third party companies.
  4. Passing on data to third party companies
    We only pass on personal data to third-party companies that contractually undertake to process the data only for a specific, precisely defined purpose.
    • As far as the applicable data protection law allows, we assume your consent for the transfer of your personal data such as surname and first name, private address (street, no. zip code and city), date of birth, telephone number, – and e-mail address to partners (e.g. photo and video service), unless you prohibit the transfer of the data by sending a message to the following postal or e-mail address: Verein Bieler Lauftage, c/o Eventra GmbH or These partners may use the data for their own services or advertising purposes and, in the case of sponsors, for targeted addresses and telephone campaigns agreed in advance with the organizer (in particular for the sponsor SWICA) in connection with the running event. You can revoke your consent to the transfer of data to third parties at any time.
    • We obtain the consent of the runner before passing on personal data to third-party companies that process the data for their own purposes (photo service, sponsors, newspapers, TV stations, Internet services, etc.).
      For this purpose, we refer to the privacy policy of the association Swiss Runners when registering (whether on paper or via the Internet) and provide additional more detailed information on the website. The privacy policy and the information on the website are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are up to date and, if necessary, adapted to the current circumstances.
    • The runner will be given the opportunity to prohibit or restrict the disclosure of data to third parties. We provide an e-mail address and our postal address at registration, which the runner can contact if he or she does not agree with the data transfer. Data will only be passed on to third parties if the runner has not sent a message.
      Running Membership
      With your registration you become at the same time a running member of Swiss Athletics and the umbrella organization Swiss Olympic. For this purpose, we will pass on your name and e-mail address to Swiss Athletics. Your data will only be used for your entry as a member and will not be passed on to third parties. This membership is free for you and expires (after one year) at the end of the following calendar year. For more information, visit
      You can withdraw your consent to the transfer of your data to Swiss Athletics at any time in writing by e-mail to revoked.
  5. Form of transfer
    We share data in hard copy and electronically. The transfer of data in paper form shall be made by registered letter or in person to the person responsible. We use encrypted e-mails for the electronic transfer of personal data.
  6. Outsourcing of data processing
    Companies that are active for us for the organization and implementation of the running events, such as in the context of timekeeping, online registration, etc., process the data on our behalf and only for our purposes.
    According to the law, we are obliged to control the data processing by these companies and to oblige them not to process the data for their own purposes or to pass it on to third parties. We are aware that we ourselves are responsible to the runners concerned for any errors that these companies may make in processing the data.
  7. Right to information
    Runners have the right to request information about what data is processed about them.
    We organize our data processing in such a way that we can grant the runners the right to information within a reasonable period of time. We ensure that the data can be corrected or deleted upon request. Information, correction or deletion can only be refused if we are legally obliged to process the data or we can claim an overriding interest.
    We provide an email address and a mailing address when registering for running events, to which questions can be directed.
  8. Data security
    We take appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure our runners’ data against intentional or accidental destruction or falsification and against access by unauthorized third parties.
    If the data is processed by an outsourcing partner such as Datasport or Mikatiming, then we ensure that they comply with the data security specifications, constantly monitor and improve.
  9. Responsibility
    The responsibility for compliance with this data protection policy lies with each employee who processes data. The OC Committee regularly monitors whether employees comply with the data protection policy and sanctions abuses and violations.
    Notification of the data collection to the FDPIC
    We register our data collections with the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner.
  10. Scope
    The Data Protection Policy has been issued by the Board of the Swiss Runners Association and will be put into force by the OC Committee of each organizer for its own area.

August 2022